Bernhard Kerres

When you run out of answers, Bernhard has the right question.

Bernhard Kerres is a sought-after executive coach and keynote speaker based in Vienna, Austria. He was the first opera singer to become a C-level executive of multi-million Euro tech companies. And he was the only artistic director of a world-leading concert house to bring his startup to Silicon Valley.

Bernhard coaches executives especially in tech and in consulting, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, and classical musicians. He created the Performing Leadership training programs using classical music as an example for corporate leadership. Bernhard is also the founder of the BYOM Academy teaching musicians entrepreneurship and career management.

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Entwicklung & Tempo: Keynote for the Freiräume 2022 in Graz (in German)
Performing Leadership: What Leaders can Learn from Orchestra Conductors
Bernhard Kerres at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2019

The BYOM Academy offers career management and entrepreneurship training for classical musicians.