Bernhard Kerres

A knack for innovation.
A passion for classical music.

Bernhard Kerres is a sought-after executive coach and keynote speaker based in Vienna, Austria. He was the first opera singer to become a C-level executive of multi-million Euro tech companies. And he was the only artistic director of a world-leading concert house to bring his startup to Silicon Valley.

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The Career Podcast for Classical Musicians

The great @wyntonmarsalis had a fantastic leadership lesson for us at @Konzerthauswien - “Great jazz musicians don’t play but listen!”

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Let us spark small fires in the darkness until the whole world is alight. @charleshandy25

@IsabellaMader_ about the inspiration coming from empowering the young generation and giving them a stage @GDruckerForum

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“Ein Orchester kann ohne Dirigent spielen, umgekehrt geht das aber nicht.” Mehr zum Thema Führung im neuen @Forbes_DACH aus einem Interview während des #gpdf19 - @GDruckerForum -

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