4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs
Growth Hackathon

Take four teams of exceptional scientists. Each team has developed a startup idea, brought it to MVP level or even further. Now they need you to help them growth-hacking it. Join us!

We are looking for around ten growth hackers who enjoy working on crazy ideas with some of the smartest people around. You will spend a day working with the team you selected on growth strategies, SEO, social media, marketing, you name it. We will have a fun prize for the winning team, a great jury, food and beverages. You will get a small compensation for your time. More information below. 

We have filled all places. If you want to be added to the waiting list, you can do so below.

September 7th, 2019
10 am to 10 pm


We are Asmita and Adelheid, two highly ambitious scientists. We develop cinematic video tutorials on laboratory work for students. This future teaching tool is meant to support universities to inspire our next generation of researchers. We are open for any fresh ideas to hack into the global market.


Motivate: learn living – live learning

Workshops and coaching for teenagers with the aim of improving their learning motivation and helping them to find their way through life. The program is provided in schools using playful, creatively and lively methods. Work with me – coffee for free 😉


AI in Real Estate

IREEN is an AI based software that values real estate on a new level. The visual impression of an object is one of the key drivers of the price; however it has so far been unconsidered in computer valuation. IREEN is the first software using computer vision in order to understand the relationship between images of the object, the environment and the price – purely data driven and without human-taste distortion.

The Human Touch

The Human Touch is an IP-protected human material-based Biomaterial, extracted from placenta for applications in cell culture – „What’s the best surrounding for our human cells? – Human materials!“
Our MVP can be used in cell culture applications as 2D coating, 3D gel including bio-ink, medium supplement, 3R (Alternatives to Matrigel or Fetal Calf Serum), In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) are under construction.


Agenda for September 7th, 2019

10 am: Welcome
10:10 am: Pitch by 4 Teams to win the best growth hackers for their team
10:30 am: Growth Hackers select their teams and start working
6:30 pm: Presentation of the Growth Hacking Strategies and Examples from each team
7:30 pm: Award Ceremony
8 pm: Drinks, food, and party

All places have been filled 🙁

If you want to be added to the waiting list, please leave us the information below. Thanks!

4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs is a program of the Career Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. The program director is Bernhard Kerres.