The Entrepreneurship Program of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft


Four start-up ideas with a strong science background are selected to participate in the 4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs program of the  Career Centers at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. Part of the program is a hackathon. If you are interested in the hackathon, apply below. You will also find more information about the four ideas. Do not hesitate to reach out for more details!

The Hackathon takes place on Saturday, September 10th, 2022, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in Vienna, Austria followed by drinks. After a pitch by the entrepreneurs, you can choose one team to work with for the day. Your role is to actively support the team to reach the next step in creating a start-up out of the idea. There will a presentation of the results at the end of the day. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people with experience in marketing, sales, business development, strategy, community building, social media, etc. If you are interested in any of the ideas, can think out of the box, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are the right person for us. Yes, you will be paid a fee for the day. Please apply below. It would be great to see you!

Mobility in Rural Areas

Getting from A to B must be possible for everybody. Our project aims at nothing less than a rural mobility revolution. Become part of our open innovation process: Help design the automated rural driving of tomorrow by recombining social and technical solutions ready today!


Networking Coffee Club for Academics

Many early and mid-career academics dream of building a successful academic career but often deal with unspoken academic rules and associated stress, exhaustion, and anxiety. Members of the Networking Coffee Club learn to navigate the marvelous but twisted world of academia successfully. We help our members to focus on career development, build productive work habits, and establish meaningful connections with other academics. No need to wait for scientific conferences anymore! Benefit from positive interactions with relevant others daily while paying just one conference fee annually. So, shall we go for a coffee?


Growing Saffron and Increasing its Yield

Saffron is best known as Earth’s most expensive plant-based food ingredient and has been used across cultures and continents for 3500 years. A surge in R&D in the last decade and an increase in patenting activity for saffron bioactive as a potential remedy for various diseases and its use as a cosmetic compound highlights its emerging therapeutic potential. Further, given saffron’s outstanding value, its undersupply caused the production of adulterated saffron, which is detrimental to drug safety and food quality. Several bottlenecks severely impact the quality & quantity, and price of saffron and limit it to serve the current market and the growing demand in emerging markets. It will become even more impossible in a changing climate with shrinking farming land, decreasing yield per capita, and rising labor costs. Our startup “SISIRON” increase saffron yield through biotech-assisted sustainable agriculture by mitigating the above hurdles to harness its therapeutic potential and catalyze saffron-based value-added products available and affordable in the wellness, health, and nutritional markets. Join hands in our journey to enrich human life across the globe.

Limiting Flooding Impact with Artificial Intelligence

Everyone must live in a society where flood disruptions have little to no impact on their daily life and transportation!
We are in a new era where artificial intelligence is everywhere and the only way forward. Our project aims to use this technology to identify and predict flooding to reduce disruption and help water companies take additional measures where required. This helps regulate the city and prevent congestion in areas prone to floods.