Where words leave off,
music begins.​ 

Heinrich Heine

Musical Group Coaching

Science has already proven the power of group coaching. The open exchange in a trusted and safe environment supports the individual learning journey immensely. But coaching works mainly on a rational language-based level. We have developed a new format of group coaching adding a stronger emotional component with the help of music. Specifically trained musicians play a key role in our Musical Group Coaching. They reflect on what happens in a group with their music, live. This again leads group members to dive into a deeper emotional level. Learning anchored in emotions will stay significantly longer with us and be more meaningful.

The groups in our Musical Group Coaching offer have four to six members. They are coached by a certified coach and a specifically trained classical musician. We offer this kind of group coaching currently in German and in English.

Details of the Musical Group Coaching:

  • Goal: Strengthening the feeling of belonging, the team spirit, and the corporate culture. This leads to better cooperation, teamwork, and focused effectiveness as well as efficiency.
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 participants guided by a certified coach and specifically trained musician.
  • Number of Sessions: 12 sessions over 3 to 6 months.
  • Sessions are currently all online on Zoom.

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Thanks for the trust of so many of our clients. Managers and executives of the following companies among others participated in the Musical Group Coaching so far: