Bernhard Kerres

Eine Begeisterung für Innovation.
Eine Liebe zur klassischen Musik.

Bernhard Kerres ist ein erfahrener Executive Coach und Keynote Speaker in Wien. Er ist der erste Opernsänger, der Vorstand großer Technologiekonzerne wurde. Er ist sicherlich auch der erste Intendant eines führenden Konzerthauses, der seinen Startup nach Silicon Valley brachte.

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Bernhard Kerres spricht am Global Peter Drucker Forum 2019
Executive Coach
Bernhard Kerres über Coaching

Over 100 musicians from Taiwan to Brazil, from Austria to Australia, have participated in the BYOM courses in the last few weeks. Want to know more? Join us for an Open Session with @BernhardKerres on August 13!

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For Musicians - Bernhard Kerres | Executive Coach

Booking for Musicians Here you can book all of the services of Bernhard Kerres. Let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seein...

COVID19 will change classical music. Without a doubt. We do not know what happens to airlines, audience sizes, choirs, streaming etc. To prepare for the unknown, @BernhardKerres runs the Corona Webinar on August 12. Come and join:
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Want to find out more about our career webinars for classical musicians? Join @BernhardKerres on August 13 for a free Open Class!

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One might not be happy with @eldsjal of @spotify, but he has a point, when saying, that recording an album every three to four years isn’t enough. Fans and audiences want and need more!

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Spotify CEO talks Covid-19, artist incomes and podcasting (interview)

Spotify announced its latest financial results yesterday, with growth in listeners and subscribers at the top end of its forecasts.

Gehts noch, @Gruene_Austria? In einer Zeit, wo viele Menschen um ihren Arbeitsplatz bangen müssen, oder diesen sogar verloren haben, stellt @WKogler ein depressives Arbeitslosengeldmodell vor 🙈. Wie wäre es damit, Aktionen zu setzen, damit Arbeitsplätze entstehen? #politik

If you missed our Summer Courses, the next Be Your Own Manager course starts in September. Better reserve your place early…

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Prof. Claude Nicollier is the first and to date only astronaut from Switzerland, and has flown on four Space Shuttle missions with the @NASA. We talked to Nicollier during this week's new episode of On The Sunnie Side: #F15 #ClaudeNicollier #Nasa

Give less advice.
Listen more carefully.
Ask strong questions.
Reframe people’s thinking.
Help them break through.



One cannot predict the future. But one can prepare for possible outcomes. Join us for an interactive scenario workshop on the impact of the COVID 19 crisis on classical music on August 12 ->

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“Be Your Own Manager” written by dear @BernhardKerres and @bettina_mehne has been published in Japanese from ARTES PUBLISHING @kimuragen !!
I’m so honored to be a part of this project!