1:1 Coaching

This is the classical coaching session. Your coach will listen to you and listen even more. Your coach will accompany you in exploring the space where you can find a solution. S/he will be at your side when you implement it. These deep conversations enrich our thinking, help us think outside the box, and find positive ways forward.

We often start our coaching relationship with some quick tests. These tests give us an insight into how you think and how we can work together more efficiently. We have developed some of these tests ourselves.

We recommend working in blocks of six sessions. In the beginning, we establish the subject of our collaboration. You can see it as the title of the book you will write. Our coaches will help you to structure the narrative, challenge you to add surprising moments and keep the story flowing. 

Our coaching focuses on accompanying you on actionable steps, improvements, and actions that can be taken to change your professional life.

You can join us in person for your 1:1 Coaching Session or come to an online session.