Beating AI with Mozart

A study confirmed that cows give better and more milk when they are listening to Mozart’s music. But what effect does music have on us humans, especially in the light of artificial intelligence? Should we beat artificial intelligence with Mozart?

Artificial intelligence is unstoppable. As with many technological innovations, some fear it, some celebrate it, and the truth will be somewhere in the middle. AI will definitely redefine repetitive clerical tasks, search and structuring content, and redefining content creation based on a known ecosystem.

But what does that mean for us humans? Can we lean back, enjoy the cocktail, and let AI do all the work? Most probably not. As the WEF Report, Future of Jobs (2023), shows, AI can free us to focus on the essential issues in our world. Addressing these issues from equality to climate change will need creativity and thinking outside of the box.

And this is were Mozart comes in. Neurology has proven that active music making – predominantly playing classical music – alters how your brain works and enables us to be more creative and better in finding solutions for complex problems.

Speaker: Bernhard Kerres