Career Management

Managing one’s own career becomes more and more critical. The business philosopher Charles Handy introduced the portfolio career in his book, The Empty Raincoat, back in 1995. This idea quickly became a reality. A portfolio career makes proactive career management even more important. 

Design and delivery of career management programs for classical musicians based on the book, Be Your Own Manager.

University of Music, Karlsruhe, Germany – and further music colleges and universities worldwide.

12 lectures over two years.

Classical musicians and their education focus intensely on their musical skills. Entrepreneurship and business are often not taught at all. This program wants to enable musicians to become successful music entrepreneurs and to manage their careers proactively. It gives them the necessary tools and understanding of doing business in the music industry. 


  • lectures to teach key business principles from marketing, sales to finance
  • workshops to put the lessons learned into concrete actions
  • homework to further deepen the content of the workshops
  • regular podcast to stay motivated and up to speed

Design and delivery of my career management modules for the University of Music Karlsruhe and delivery of lectures and workshops for other music colleges and universities.