Christine J. Lee

How many people in their twenties can say that they have lived on three different continents? Even though my upbringing has presented its own challenges with the issues of identity, I feel very fortunate to consider myself as a World Citizen. Born in Seoul, made in Philadelphia, and based in Waterloo (prior to COVID-19) where the great Napoleon lost his battle, I believe that classical music improves our lives, especially the state of our soul. I share music through my ability to play the cello, a craft that I have been working on for about twenty years. One of the reasons why I continue to practice and play the music written predominantly by dead white male composers is because I believe that their compositions transcend cultural, racial, and economical boundaries. It is also my vocation to discover hidden gems written by female composers and to incorporate music of our time in a world where we rarely take the time to appreciate things. It is my dream and duty to bring life to these works, spread joy, and heal our souls through sharing my gifts as a musician.

Expertise: Spreading joy and healing souls through sharing music
Home Base: Seoul and New York
Languages: Korean, English