Dr. Blanka Bellak

Dr. Blanka Bellak works with leaders, often women, so that they can sail through various troubled waters with integrity, healthy self-confidence, and mastery.

In 2017, after almost 20 years of a fulfilling career in international finance, diplomacy and the development sector, Blanka resigned as Director of the Austrian Peace Centre to work as a coach and leadership development expert with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Blanka specializes in methods that go beyond the cognitive realm. She supports clients in integrating their minds, emotions, and body for authentic leadership and well-being to navigate complex situations with mastery. She draws on her extensive intercultural executive experience and academic background, including Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution and publications with leading universities such as Oxford and Harvard.

Expertise: Neurocoaching (overcoming limiting beliefs); navigating complexity; women, diversity & inclusion
Home Base: Vienna and Prague
Languages: English, German, Czech, Russian


    • Team Coaching, University of Cambridge – 2023
    • Lectical Decision Making Assessment – 2018, re-certified 2021
    • Leadership Circle 360° Feedback Instrument – 2019
    • Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer – 2019
    • Neuro-Coaching – Heart of Trauma, Bonnie Badenoch – 2021
    • Cynefin and Cynefin methods for navigating complexity, Dave Snowden – 2017, and Estuarine Mapping, Anna Panagiotou – 2023
    • Adult Development, The Leadership Circle, Jennifer Garvey Berger – 2018
    • Playing Big, Coaching with a focus on women’s leadership – 2017
    • Transformational Self-Leadership, Master Course, Anne Caspari, Mindshiftintegral – 2016
    • International Coaching Federation, Associated Certified Coach (ACC) – 2022
    • Leadership Embodiment, Hendricks Institute and Coaches Rising – 2019-2020
    • Energy Systems Constellations, Jana Thann – 2020
    • Organizational Development, Hamburg University, Prof. Claus Nowak, (100 hours) – 2012
    • Conflict Negotiation and Mediation, Harvard University – 2001