Wernetta Eberhardt by Martina Trepczyk

Dr. Wernetta Eberhardt

Dr. Wernetta Eberhardt loves working with legal professionals, leaders and visionaries on personal growth and leadership development.
Her professional background as a lawyer, general counsel and head of a legal department of an Austrian-based international company for the past 20 years, as a representative of the largest international and the Austrian professional in-house counsel association, as well as a founder of an NGO, has shaped her in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience for organizational structure, culture, networks, transformation and leadership.
Wernetta follows a holistic approach. Perceiving with all senses, she inspires, encourages and accompanies her clients to reconnect with themselves and develop authentic leadership competencies to create a fulfilling professional and personal life and environment.

Expertise: Leadership Coaching, Professional Services, Gender Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Home Base: Vienna
Languages: English, German


  • PhD in Law, University of Vienna – 2005
  • Attorney-at-Law Bar Exam, Vienna Bar Association – 2007
  • Certificate in Team Moderation – Hernstein Institute Management Leadership – 2015
  • Certificate on Governance Excellence for Supervisory Board Members, WU Vienna University of Business and Economics Executive Academy – 2019
  • Certifications in Group Self-Awareness – 2021, 2022
  • Certificate in Solution-Focussed Coaching, Solutionsurfers – 2022
  • Team Coaching, Solutionsurfers – 2023 (ongoing)

Photo: Martina Trepczyk