Felicia Fuchs

Felicia, a systemic consultant and coach, loves to combine positive energy, clarity and creativity in her work and feels very privileged to co-create meaningful solutions with her clients. Her professional path so far (+10 years), brought her from Finance and Organisational Development projects to first leadership roles in the Industrial sector to founding her own consulting company in 2016. Being drawn to (individual and organisational) transformations Felicia successfully completed various educational paths in this field of interest (e.g.. Systemic Consulting and Coaching, Change Management and Organisational Development, Kaospilot Experience Design) and has been working with corporate and private clients from all sorts of backgrounds and sizes. Her aim when founding the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure was to befriend us more with unpredictability, enable failure and learning, let go of perfectionism and integrate contradictions and ambivalences which now seem to be more present than ever.

Expertise: Transformations, (Digital) Leadership, Failing Beautifully, Executive Coaching and Group Coaching, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness
Home base: Vienna
Languages: German, English, Spanish

Website: www.featuring.at