Life Improvisation

Imagine having two days away from the daily hassle, where you have people around you who challenge and support you and where you resonate with others and nature. That is Life Improvisation. It is the time to stare into the blue sky, think about big ideas, and push creative thoughts forward.

Improvisation is a crucial element in music. You find it in early baroque music, where only the harmonies are written down, encouraging musicians to find their melodies. The cadenzas in concertos and operas are a place for virtuoso improvisation. In Jazz, improvisation became the core musical element of listening to each other and building on each others’ ideas. This is the concept we bring to Life Improvisation.

We invite twelve people to join us, creating a unique group. Participants come from corporations, start-ups, academia, creative industries, government organizations, entrepreneurship, and other areas. We have a musician accompanying us through the days, playing music for us and reflecting musically with us.

Life Improvisation was created by Bernhard Kerres and Lothar Wenzl. It is inspired by a conversation with violinist Mariechristine Lopez.

Contact us, if you are interested in joining!