Sophie Tseung

Sophie Tseung works with Leaders to cultivate organizations that align with their Vision through the use of Change Management frameworks and Storytelling. Her natural incline has been to tell stories for as far as her memories take her. After her Masters in Accounting and Finance, she set off on a Change Consultant path, which brought her on digital and organizational transformation programs in Australia, Mauritius, and SouthEast Asia for the Financial Services and Automobile Sector.

Intuitive and with a sharp sense of people dynamics, she also studied Neuro-Linguistics Programming, VitalSmarts Influencer, and Compassion techniques to deepen her affinity in building thriving and sustainable enterprises. She is also an Advocate for the Ocean and promotes partnerships/corporate venturing for ocean biodiversity and conservation.

Expertise: Organisational Change, Change Communications, Storytelling
Home Base: Mauritius
Languages: English, French