I do not tend to recommend a lot. But a few books, podcasts, lectures, etc. stuck with me. Here are some of them. Perhaps you find them interesting, too 🙂

What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School was the first business book I ever read. I was still a teenager. But the pragmatic approach of Mark McCormack building up IMG was and is startling. I still apply many of the lessons I learned from that book. 

My clients but also I, when still in C-level executive positions, are often faced with the challenge to enable innovation. There is not one single recipe. But Warren Bennis collected several cases of companies that successfully pushed innovation forward. I have written more about my takeaways in the blog post: Flying the Pirates’ Flag for Innovation

The Art of Gathering became one of the most difficult books for me to read. The reason is simple – it is so full of ideas that I got my own creativity going. Every few pages I needed to stop, take a few notes, collect my thoughts, and only then could I continue. Priya Parker like no one else puts her finger at endless boring meetings, birthday parties, family gatherings etc. And she has endless ideas of filling them with purpose again.