Here you find various resources for my clients. Some I might mention during our sessions. Some you simply might find useful. Do let me know if you have any questions!

Let's Get Started!

Congratulations for investing in yourself! I hope you enjoy the discovery and the journey. Thanks for trusting me to accompany you on parts of your journey!

Before we get started here a couple of things you might want to think about:

  1. Please schedule your sessions at: In the rare case that there is no slow suitable for you, do not hesitate to contact me. We will figure something out.
  2. When working on a specific topic, it is best to have a block of six sessions. There should be two to three weeks in between each session to ensure that you have time to think about it and work on what we have discussed.
    For clients who work with me regularly over a longer period of time, meeting every four to six weeks has proven to be most effective.
  3. Get yourself a beautiful old-fashioned paper notebook. Make sure you like it. And get yourself a nice pencil or pen. Something you love writing and drawing with. Writing with pen and paper enhances the learning experience massively.
  4. Before each session think about what you would like to achieve in every session. Therefore take some time before each session to think about it.
  5. When scheduling your sessions make sure that you do not rush into a session. It is good to come focused and and not too stressed.
  6. Also, schedule some “me-time” after each session so that you have time to reflect on what happened in the session itself.
  7. Do not hesitate to contact me – best by e-mail – if you have questions or you are unclear about anything!

Ask Five People

Ask Five People is a wonderful exercise to get feedback from people who are important to you. Many clients are surprised by what they get back.

What to do:

  • Select five very different people who are important for you. Among them can be a colleague, a client, a teacher, a partner, a lover, a student, a mentor, etc. Make the group as diverse as possible.
  • Send them an e-mail with the questions below. Ask them to respond within two weeks if they have time. 
  • Thank them for their answers but do not comment on them.
  • Sit down and ask yourself what you can take aways from the answers.
  • You do not need to share the individual answers with me. I am interested in your takeaways when we meet next.

The questions are:

  • What one word or one phrase describes me best?
  • What do you think is my greatest achievement so far?
  • What do you value most about me?
  • How would you describe my musical performance to others? (That’s obviously only a question musicians will ask.)
  • What one thing could I change for my own benefit?
  • What do you believe to be my greatest strength?

Die Fragen:

  • Welches Wort oder welche Phrase beschreibt mich am besten?
  • Was siehst Du als meinen größten Erfolg bisher?
  • Was schätzt Du am meisten an mir?
  • Wie würdest Du meine Musik bzw. mein Musizieren beschreiben?
  • Was ist die eine einzige Sache, die ich zu meinem eigenen Nutzen ändern könnte?
  • Was siehst Du als meine größte Stärke?

 Enjoy the exercise and what you learn from it!

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Reflection Questions

After our sessions it is good to first go for a walk but then think about the following three questions. My suggestion is to get an old-fashioned paper notebook and a nice pen. Sit down in a quiet place for 30 minutes with nice music and perhaps a good coffee (or tea, or…). Take time to think about these three questions and write down your own answers:

  • What? – Describe what happened in today’s session and what you have learned.
  • So What? – Think about what worked for you and what did not work for you? How do you feel about what happened in the session? Is there a difference to before? What is the difference? Does it matter?
  • Now What? – What are your personal concrete next steps based on what you have learned about yourself today? What is the proposed action?