Much has been written about Silicon Valley as the hotbed of technical innovation. The location of some of the best universities in the world are part of Silicon Valley’s success as are the research facilities of aerospace companies, NASA and the military. Also the weather plays its role. 

After a year living and working in Silicon Valley I found three more important ingredients of the Secret Sauce making Silicon Valley so successful and unique.

  • Passion and not Money

  • The Angel Club and not the Rotary Club

  • Paying Forward and not Paying Back

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Can you create a great performance in three days? Orchestra conductors do so time and time again. When orchestras, conductors and soloists get together, they typically have just three or four days to prepare and deliver a great performance. A conductor who has never worked with the orchestra before is expected to take charge of up to one hundred musicians, communicate their musical strategy and interpretation, rehearse for a couple of days and then perform flawlessly in front of a very demanding audience. 

How do they do that? Why is it so difficult to replicate that for high performance teams in other environments, especially in business?

Get insights into the high performance world of classical music and learn from it for your business and your teams.


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128 Stars. 1 Orchestra. That was the award winning brand message of the Berlin Philharmonic in 2010. No other claim could better describe what made one of the top orchestras in the world so special. At the same time no other orchestra had more price winning individual ensembles – from the 12 Cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic to the Ensemble Wien – Berlin. Every single musician in the orchestra could easily build their own career as soloist, chamber musician, and teacher. Still, they decide to form one orchestra.


The best teams are made of people who have the choice being successful outside the team or within it. Most often it is not a choice of “either – or” but an active choice for being part of a team. The choice is driven by the believe that together the individual performance will be even better, that together goals can be achieved that an individual could not even dream of.


The musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic work together because they know that only together they can achieve spectacular results. They are engaging the best conductors to inspire them and to push the boundaries. The times of the tyrants with a baton are long gone. As Maestro Valery Gergiev once told me: “Almost all your leadership is in your ability to inspire.” 


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