Can you create a great performance in three days? Orchestra conductors do so time and time again. When orchestras, conductors and soloists get together, they typically have just three or four days to prepare and deliver a great performance. A conductor who has never worked with the orchestra before is expected to take charge of up to one hundred musicians, communicate their musical strategy and interpretation, rehearse for a couple of days and then perform flawlessly in front of a very demanding audience. 

How do they do that? Why is it so difficult to replicate that for high performance teams in other environments, especially in business?

Get insights into the high performance world of classical music and learn from it for your business and your teams.


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Much has been written about Silicon Valley as the hotbed of technical innovation. The location of some of the best universities in the world are part of Silicon Valley’s success as are the research facilities of aerospace companies, NASA and the military. Also the weather plays its role. 

After a year living and working in Silicon Valley I found three more important ingredients of the Secret Sauce making Silicon Valley so successful and unique.

  • Passion and not Money

  • The Angel Club and not the Rotary Club

  • Paying Forward and not Paying Back

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Keynotes (Selection)

Tempo und Entwicklung
Freiräume 2022
What is the right tempo for our personal and organizational development in a constantly faster-moving world? Music is based on our heartbeat. How about taking meetings, workshops, and projects in largo, allegro, or presto? Does it influence the outcome?

Füttern Sie nicht die Dinosaurier
Digitaler Salon
What is the connection between classical music and innovation? Not much so far. But the COVID19 crisis provides a big chance to get classical music out of the museum and bring it to life.

Musical Regards
Global Peter Drucker Forum
When a global pandemic isolates people, leadership is challenged massively. How can one build emotional connections? Together with 16 musicians from around the world, Bernhard Kerres presented Musical Regards on leadership and music.

Beating AI With Mozart
Global Peter Drucker Forum
Classical music is not necessarily associated with innovation. Ever since Dustin Hoffmann played Rain Man, a movie partly based on the studies by Dr. Oliver Sacks, we know that music has a massive influence on our brains. Can we beat artificial intelligence while listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with our headphones in the latest ultra-cool co-working space? 

#superKMU Summit
At last time for what is essential. 3 Days. 10 CEOs and Company Owner. 100% Focus.

The End of Strategy
Global Mobility Alliance
Twenty years ago, there were tremendous strategic frameworks led by Porter’s 5 Forces. It was the time of deep analysis and thick reports. Today, we live in a time of trial and error with concepts of the Minimum Viable Product and others. Still, it’s the people who make or break strategy.

Marketing Without Any Money
Nordic Orchestra Conference in Stockholm
The new ways of marketing classical music and performing arts in the digital age.

Lessons from the Maestros
Keynote for the Senior Management of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Vienna 
What business leaders can learn from orchestra conductors.

Lessons from the Maestros
Private Client, Lucerne, Switzerland 
What business leaders can learn from orchestra conductors.

The New Way of Work
Executive Digital Future Circle in Vienna
The changing culture in the workplace from old corporates to new startups.

We Prefer Crisis over Change
Keynote for the Austrian Communication Day of the Public Relation Association in Vienna
No other art form has been declared more than classical music. And it still blossoms and grows. Nothing is more accessible than relaxing in a time of crisis instead of driving change. This is true for the music industry and any business and society. 

Lessons from the Maestros
Chamber of Commerce in Upper Austria 
What business leaders can learn from orchestra conductors.

240 Years of Happy
Golden Drum Festival in Slovenia
 The impact of music in today’s marketing and branding strategies.

Music is the Universal Language
TEDx in Salzburg
On the power of communicating without words.

Lessons from the Maestros
Commencement Speech at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai
What business leaders can learn from orchestra conductors.

Classic Meets Innovation
Shanghai Volkswagen in Vienna
On the parallels of classical music and innovation.